Zinn’s Cycling Primer

Zinn’s Cycling Primer

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Zinn’s Cycling Primer increases a cyclist’s knowledge of bike and body for faster and stronger riding. Road cyclists, mountain bikers, and triathletes will find 50 different topics to enhance their riding experience.

Starting with bike set-up, Zinn reveals the experts’ secrets that will bring optimal performance and comfort. Fine-tuning the body for riding comes next, and cyclists will learn more about what to eat, how to measure fitness, exercise essentials, injury prevention, stretching, and recovery. Skills for road and mountain biking cover the spectrum, from cornering, climbing, and dressing for the weather to bunny hops, descending, and riding planks. Lastly, Zinn recommends upgrades to customize a rider’s bike for his or her riding requirements, and routine care to keep road and mountain bikes functioning smoothly.

Lennard’s wealth of experience in the cycling industry and his myriad years spent riding make for a book that is chock full of the details no one bothered to mention. Zinn’s Cycling Primer has everything you need to know to enjoy riding your bike. Topics and skills are clearly described and illustrated with photographs throughout.