January 15, 2022 Update

Distributor inventories are all but back to normal. We are getting restock shipments weekly and have good stock on-hand for tires, tubes, locks and helmets and can order in drive-train components (cassettes, chains, chainrings, derailleurs, etc) as needed. Things should be back to normal when the warm weather hits!

Repairs: We will not be accepting any new repair orders until January, 2023. Time to get caught up, cleaned up and ready for the new year!

Used Bikes: We don't have any used bikes available right now. We are working on a handful that need some work before they are ready to sell -- we'll get those together by the time the snow melts in the Spring. We'll post them as they become available. If you're looking for a used bike we would recommend checking out The Urbana Bike Project, The Campus Bike Center and BR Bicycles & Repairs.

Electric Bikes: Sorry, we do not work on any kind of motorized bike (not even flats or brake adjustments). We do not have the training or equipment to do it safely.

Welcome to the IttyBittyBikeShop!

We are a friendly, full-service bike shop near downtown Urbana, IL specializing in commuting, touring and just riding around. The shop is just down the street from 25 O'Clock Brewing Company and Best of Africa's Food Store, around the corner from the Rose Bowl Tavern and Bunny's Tavern, and share a space with Parasol Records -- it's a very happening neighborhood! Stop by the next time you're in the area...