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Often in the cycling world little bumps, knocks, and a good amount of mileage ridden on your bicycle will result in your componentry coming out of tune, and performing more poorly than it had previously. Things like chains, cassettes, chainrings, brake pads, bottom brackets, tires, and bar tape come out of tune and or become more and more worn with an increasing amount of miles ridden. It's not uncommon that these items need to be repaired and adjusted to attain proper performance and facilitate the good-riding-quality of your bicycle! Below you will find a list of items that commonly need to be repaired and or adjusted during the duration of their life.

Repair and or Adjustment to Components

Bottom Bracket Adjustment -- $10.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul -- $20.00+
Brake Adjustment (Caliper) -- $10.00 (Front or Rear) | $18.00 (Both Front and Rear)
Brake Adjustment (Disc) -- $15.00 (Front or Rear) | $26.00 (Both Front and Rear)
*(Includes truing of disc brake rotor as needed) 
Derailleur / Shift Adjustment -- $15.00 (Rear Derailleur) | $10.00 (Front Derailleur)
Derailleur Hanger Alignment -- $25.00
Headset adjustment -- $10.00
Headset Overhaul -- $18.00+ (Includes Disassembly, Cleaning and Repacking of Headset)
Hub Adjustment -- $10.00 (Front) | $15.00 (Rear) | $20.00 (both front and rear)
Hub Overhaul -- $20.00 (Front) | $30.00 (Rear) | $45.00 (Both Front and Rear)

Pricing disclaimer 

The above prices are guidelines. While these prices are representative of most cases, bike vary greatly in condition and ware, at time requiring a greater input of labor thus prices will be calculated at the discretion of our service department professionals accordingly. Labor prices do not include parts.