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Installation of Components - At Itty Bitty Bike Shop, we are happy to install new or used componentry onto your bicycle. In the cycling world many pieces of your bike wear, necessitating replacement at times. Or maybe you're just looking to upgrade your bike with some new parts! The following list reflects labor prices for a wide variance of componentry installation, if you don't see something on this list, feel free to ask about the installation of that component.

Bars -- $15.00 (Unwrap previous bars, install tape and shifters onto new bars)
Bar Tape and Grips -- $10.00
Bottom Bracket -- $10.00 (Threaded) | $20.00+ (Pressfit)
Brake Caliper -- $15.00 (Road Caliper, V-Brake, Cantilever, Centerpull, Direct Mount)
Brake Caliper Disc -- $25.00 (Mechanical) | $30.00 (Hydraulic) (Includes installation of brake rotor onto wheel hub) 
Brake Levers (Mechanical) -- $10.00 (Does not include indexing of shifting or brake adjustment if applicable)
Brake Levers (Hydraulic) -- $15.00 (Does not include indexing of shifting or brake adjustment if applicable)
Brake Pads -- $10.00 (Front or Rear) | $18.00 (Both) (Installation of rim brake pads into Road Caliper, V-Brake, Cantilever, Centerpull, or Direct Mount) Includes Adjustment of Brakes
Brake Pads Disc -- $15.00
Brake Rotor (Disc Brakes) -- $15.00 (Includes truing of rotor if applicable)
Cassettes and Freewheels -- $10.00
Chain -- $5.00
Crank -- $10.00+ (Dependent on crank model, and complexity of assembly)
Derailleurs -- $15.00 (Front) | $20.00 (Rear)
Fenders -- $20.00+ (Dependent on complexity of fender installation, frame, and fender compatibility)
Headset -- $15.00 (Threaded or Threadless, External Cup, Zero Stack, Or Integrated) 
Kickstand -- $5.00
Pedals -- $5.00
Rack and Baskets -- $20.00+ (Dependent on complexity of installation)
Saddle -- $5.00
Seatpost -- $5.00
Shifters -- $20.00+ 
Stem -- $10.00

Pricing disclaimer

The above prices are guidelines. While these prices are representative of most cases, bike vary greatly in condition and ware, at time requiring a greater input of labor thus prices will be calculated at the discretion of our service department professionals accordingly. Labor prices do not include parts.

* plus the cost of the parts