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Inevitably your wheels are gonna take a beating! They are your contact point with the harsh road, they get bumped, stretched, scratched, bent, and sometimes even a spoke can break! That all being said we can certainly get you rolling right! 

Just The Wheels -- Wheel, Tires, Tubes 

Flat Tire -- starts at $6.00 (Front or Rear Replacement of Tube)
  *(Does not include price of tube, or new tire if applicable)
Tubeless Set-Up -- $15.00 (Set Up Tubeless on a Front or Rear Wheel)
  *(Does not include the price of the tubeless sealant, tubeless tape, or tire)
Spoke replacement -- $10.00 (Front) | $15.00 (Rear) + $2.50/Additional Spoke
  *(will also require additional wheel truing fee)
Wheel replacement -- $10.00 (Front) | $15.00 (Rear)
  (Includes transferring tire, tube, cassette / freewheel, and installation of Rim tape)
  *(Cost of Rim Tape not Included)
Hub Adjustment -- $14.00 (Front or Rear) | $25.00 (both front and rear)
Hub Overhaul -- $25 (Front or Rear) | $45 (Both Front and Rear)
Wheel Truing (Lateral and Radial) -- $15.00+ (Front or Rear) | $28.00+ (Both Front and Rear)
Wheel Dishing -- $10.00 (Front or Rear) | $18.00 (Both Front and Rear)
Build Wheel -- starting at $60 (front or rear)
  * does not include cost of rim, spokes, nipples, etc

Wheel Overhaul -- $50.00 (Front) | $60.00 (Rear) | $100.00 (Both) Included the Following:

  • Wheel Dishing
  • Wheel True (Lateral and Radial)
  • Overhaul Hub (Disassemble, Clean, Repack)
  • Clean Rim, Spoke, Hub, and Cassette/Freewheel 
  • Includes Replacement of one (1) spoke on the Front and Rear Wheel (+2.50/Additional Spoke) 
  • Includes Replacement of Rim Strip as Needed
  • Does not include the additional cost of any new parts required (Tires, Tubes, New Cassette, etc.) 

Pricing disclaimer

The above prices are guidelines. While these prices are representative of most cases, bike vary greatly in condition and ware, at time requiring a greater input of labor thus prices will be calculated at the discretion of our service department professionals accordingly. Labor prices do not include parts.