Training and Racing with a Power Meter

Training and Racing with a Power Meter

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Training and Racing with a Power Meter
by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan

From the back-cover:

Power meters are not just for the pros. As equipment has improved, cyclists and triathletes at all levels are using power meters to unlock speed and endurance. But in order to get the most from the technology, you need to know how to read the feedback.

Training and Racing with a Power Meter shows you how to identify your strengths and target your weaknesses with unbelievable precision. By explaining the universal concepts behind the power graphs, authors Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan will revolutionize the way you train. Begin by determining your power profile, which describes your strengths as a cyclist. Next, assess your fatigue profile to learn how you resist fatigue at 12 different exercise
durations. Finally, identify the workouts that will help you build power across the board while eliminating the flat spots that are holding you back.

Allen and Coggan explain how to interpret power, cadence, speed, and heart rate so that you can train optimally for road racing, mountain biking, cyclocross, triathlon, track, or BMX. Knowing how to analyze your power-meter data will enable you to create a seasonlong race schedule that plays to your strengths. Understanding your numbers will also allow you to monitor changes in fitness and precisely time your peak performance.

With more than 65 power-based workouts; case studies of professional, masters, and amateur athletes; and hundreds of charts and graphs, Training and Racing with a Power Meter is the definitive guide you need to get up to speed on cycling’s most important technology.

Hunter Allen is an elite-level cycling coach, former professional cyclist, and owner of the Peaks Coaching Group.