Silca - SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition

Silca - SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition

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From the Service Course to your Garage

After more than 18 months of testing, use and abuse at the top levels of racing, we give you the SuperPista Ultimate HIRO Edition. Combining the multi award winning SuperPista Ultimate Pump with the multi-award winning HIRO Locking presta chuck, the Ultimate HIRO edition puts the identical tool used across the Pro-Tour in your garage.

Ultimate HIRO Edition utilizes a custom hose and magnetic 17-4 Stainless End Nut on the chuck, allowing the HIRO chuck to to be docked magnetically when not in use.

HIRO V2.0 is 15% smaller in all dimensions than the original HIRO and utilized a new stainless steel WaveSpring design which allows for better compression control. New single stage 254 Gasket allows the chuck to be placed over the valve with NO interference or pressure, and then be locked into place with the new low profile lever. HIRO V2.0 allows for one handed use in ALL disc wheels and on ALL valve extenders. Now in use by some 50% of Pro Tour teams and hundreds of shops and professional mechanics worldwide, the HIRO V2.0 Chuck has won 'Gear of the Year' from LAVA Magazine and been called the 'Pinnacle of Inflation Tech' and 'perhaps the finest (pump head) ever made' in and extensive shoot-out by


  • Full Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Brass Construction - NO PLASTICS
  • SILCA Lifetime PLUS Shield Warranty - the most comprehensive Warranty in all of Cycling
  • Ergonomic Rosewood and Investment Cast Stainless Steel Handle
  • Full IGUS Linear Bearings for Ultimate Smoothness
  • 3mm Thick Full Grain Leather Cup Gasket - More Efficient and Durable than Rubber!
  • 1% Gauge Accuracy allows for Ultimate Ride Tuning