Road Cyclist's Training Manual (2021 Edition)

Road Cyclist's Training Manual (2021 Edition)

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From the editor's of Cycling Plus...

The Road Cyclist's Training Manual gives you the most effective and most up to date bike fitness, strength and endurance training advice available.

If you're serious about getting fitter, riding faster and going further with your bike, then we've got the expert knowledge that will enable you to do just that.

We've tailored the advice inside around what is most appropriate for each season, allowing you to train all year round and in all weathers.

Here's just some of the training advice you'll find inside this special edition…

  • Get seriously fit for a big event in just 12-weeks
  • Bike-specific workouts that you can do in any weather
  • 10 tips to conquer any hill
  • Easy ways to get faster for free
  • How to lose weight quickly and safely as you ride
  • Why a vegan diet may improve your performance
  • Slow-paced training tips that will provide big benefits