Outbound Lighting - Detour Bike Light

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Our original Road Edition set the bar high for the last several years. So we were challenged on how to improve it.

Right away, we've ditched the large battery pack. This is all internal, self contained, USB-C rechargeable, and slim enough to fit in your pocket.

Then we fine tuned the heck out of the beam pattern. Extremely smooth and progressive light field from the front of your tire all the way to where you are looking. We also added sidemarker lights to help with visibility from the side, much like on cars.

We've incorporated our quick-release fiberglass-reinforced nylon mount that we, ahem, “borrowed” from those clever camera guys to keep everything pointing in the right direction and easy to put on and take off with one hand.

We do have a custom mount solution to fit underneath most bike computers for that clean and tucked look: Quick Release Action Camera Adapter

Proudly and capably made just down the road in Chicago IL.

  • Mounting Location: Handlebar
  • Application: Front Bike Light for Road/Gravel and commuting
  • Runtime: (see runtime charts)
  • Charging: USB-C with Pass-Thru Charging (0 to 80% in 2 hours)
  • Lumens: Approximately 1200
  • Battery Capacity: 3.6V 5000mah (18.0 Wh)
  • Weight: Lighthead = 150g, Quick Release Mount = 36g
  • Instruction Manual: Download HERE