Merckx 525

Merckx 525

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Merckx 525
by Frederik Backelandt and Ron Reuman

*** Last Copy ***

"Merckx 525" celebrates the unmatchable career of Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist ever and the most dominant athlete of the 20th century. Known as the Cannibal for his insatiable hunger to win, Merckx gobbled up 525 race victories, an unrivaled legacy lionized in this once-in-a-lifetime homage.
"Merckx 525" is the first book authorized by Eddy Merckx and the only book he says offers a truly complete record of his bike-racing career.
"Merckx 525" is a unique collection of exclusive photographs, including some that even I had not seen before. It is the only work authorized by me and the first truly complete record of my accomplishments."" Eddy Merckx
Presenting a dazzling trove of recently discovered photographs not yet seen outside of Europe, " Merckx 525 "is an all-encompassing embrace of Merckx s career from promising youth in Belgium, to fabulous darling of Europe, to mud-splotched, hardened veteran of the bike-racing wars. Revealing photographs from private collections, the Merckx family, and European newspaper archives, "Merckx 525" sheds new light on the greatest cyclist of all time.
With authoritative text and keepsake production values, "Merckx 525 "digs deep to reveal the man behind the legend, cycling s incomparable Eddy Merckx."