Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction

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Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction: Third Edition
by Marc-Andre R. Chimonas

Contrary to popular belief, building a strong well-aligned bicycle frame does not require thousands of dollars of tools or weeks of hands-on training. This manual instructs the reader how to construct a quality lugged bicycle frame using inexpensive tools. Sections of this manual describe: principals of bicycle design; brazing technique; the use of inexpensive air-fuel and industrial grade oxy-fuel torches; tube mitering; jigging using inexpensive materials; builds for 26 inch, 650c, 650b, and 700c wheels; builds for tires up to 45 mm wide; and a step-by-step walkthrough of the frame building process. Build the following: road racing bicycles, all-road bicycles, touring bicycles, commuting bicycles, fixies and single speed bicycles, cyclocross and monstercross bicycles.

Marc-Andre R. Chimonas learned the basics of technical writing as a student at Georgia Tech and as an officer in the United States Epidemic Intelligence Service. He is the author of Construction of Lugged Bicycle Forks and the electronic pulp novel Magic Sky Daddy. He has published articles in Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac and various peer-reviewed medical science journals.