Lightweights - Reflective Tape (400" roll)

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This is the Best Bright Reflective Tape you can get! Made in the USA, 3M Scotchlite, smooth, sleek and easy to apply, 3/8 inch wide and there's 400 inches of it. It reflects IN-COLOR, even submerged underwater! It's waterproof, of course, and stay`1jkiu12s on like you wouldn't believe straight out of the pack. Made with the finest pressure sensitive 3M adhesive, you never have to worry about these reflectors coming off and not being there when you need them most! Lightweights Power Reflectors are Stylish and Stealthy. Lightweights Colors can match or accent what you want to put them on, so it looks stylish by day and fantastic by night.

Made 100% in the USA!

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