DeFeet - Kneeker Full Length (CoolMax)

DeFeet - Kneeker Full Length (CoolMax)

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The form-fitting Kneeker is designed to protect and warm the knee and quadricep when riding, covering from mid-thigh to overlap with the sock. Also available in the original knee length.

  • Made from recycled water bottles in North Carolina, USA
  • Content: 55% Recycled Polyester, 45% Lycra/Nylon
  • Care: Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low. No bleach, softeners, or harsh detergents.
  • Maximum thigh circumference of 25 in (63.5 cm)

How to wear the Kneeker: bunch up the Kneeker and use both hands to pull it up to the knee. Then pull the top up to overlap with bib shorts, pulling the bib shorts over the Kneeker at the top of the thigh. For the full length Kneeker, pull the bottom down to overlap with socks. If the Kneeker is sliding down, it means there’s north south tension pulling from the bottom of the Kneeker; the Kneeker should only have east west tension. This will keep it from pulling down. The overlap of the bib shorts holds the Kneeker in place.

SM/MD - Under 5'10"/178cm
LG/XL - Over 5'10"/178cm