Bicycle Quarterly - #77 (Autumn 2021)

Bicycle Quarterly - #77 (Autumn 2021)

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From the Rene Herse / Bicycle Quarterly website:

The Autumn 2021 tells the story of Anton Krupicka’s amazing Sagebrush and Summits adventure: Running/scrambling and climbing Utah and Colorado’s highest peaks and linking them with a 2300-mile bike tour.

Join Lael Wilcox and Jan on their non-stop ride across the Oregon Outback. Check out Jan’s new bike for riding 585 km of rough and loose gravel roads in a little over a day. Rob van Driel takes us on a wonderful tour of Portugal.

We ride the Pratt with its innovative steel frame and ask: How well does a cyclocross bike work as a gravel bike? We also test SRAM’s new XPLR gravel group and find much to like. We measure the resistance of generator-powered headlights: How much does a brighter light slow you down? And how much light actually reaches the road surface with different lights?