A global leader across the car and motorbike tire market, the only supplier – since 2011 – of F1 single-seaters and Superbikes, Pirelli bounces back into the world of cycling backed by a 110-year-old sports tradition.

Over 100 testing sessions covering more than 100,000 Kilometers through hot Sicilian summers and freezing Austrian winters went into the development of the PZero tire line. From day one, it’s the new benchmark for performance. Borrowing from their motorsport technologies, three distinct road tires were born. The PZero Velo, with its low rolling resistance and superior grip was designed for racing. The PZero Velo 4S was designed for milage and comfort, making it a great year-round training tire. The PZero Velo TT was designed for speed with it’s narrow, aerodynamic profile and superior cornering grip.

Here’s is Pirelli’s current line-up of bicycle tires: